D A R  Z A H R A N

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Attractive, historic building with a unique history.

For 250 years, this building has been the property of the Ramallite Dar Zahran Jaghab family,

serving as a family home, guest chamber (Al-Madafa), and the place of  residence of Ramallah's  (Mukhtar) the head of the town .

It includes an art gallery, a photo gallery of Ramallah from 1850 to 1979,

a souvenir shop and a Fair Trade corner selling authentic Palestinian food products, books, embroidery, pottery and jewelry
Visit Dar Zahran to experience a journey through centuries of  Palestinians' ancient cultural and heritage.

Location: Old City, opposite Arab Bank-Al- Balad branch- Ramallah Al-Tahta.

Opening hours: Monday through Saturday, 11 AM - 7 PM

Mobile phone :0599511800  (we recommend SMS massage than calls)

E-mal: info@darzahran.org



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